We offer a combination of both medical and educational services to help you manage your diabetes and prevent complications. You will then be seen by one of our specialist doctors who will take a detailed history of your health and formulate a management plan for your diabetes.


Our mission is to continuously provide our patients with the highest quality medical care and support, helping restore their mobility and independence, so that they can get back to doing the things they enjoy.

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Taking care of your health

Our Mission

Our mission at Jahnavi Clinic is to provide the best orthopaedic care to every patient and to deliver this care with the same respect and dignity that we would provide each other."

Our Clinic

Our Clinic is located close to the central district in Bangalore. The clinic can be reached by Bus, Metro and Cabs. Please refer the contact page for further directions.

Specialist Doctors

Our Doctors Dr. B Jayashankar [Orthopaedics] and Dr. C Jayalakshmi [Diabetology] both specialize in their individual fields and come with decades of experience. 

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